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The Blog: October 2013

Five Winter Skin Tips

We are once again on that slippery slope towards the start of the cold snap. There is no question that the cold air wreaks havoc on our skin and dryness can be a huge concern. Lets get ahead of the game in anticipation of the temperature outside dropping and the heating going on indoors. So…

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Are Antibiotics Necessary for Treating Acne?

I still get frustrated when clients go to their GP with outbreaks and they still insist on treating acne with prescription oral antibiotics as a standard protocol to reduce blemishes. Time and time again they go to their doctor and walk away with a prescription in hopes of a clearer skin. While antibiotics can be…

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What Your Skin Needs Day vs. Night

During the day, skin ageing is at its highest because your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays as well as free radical production from the environment and the onslaught of what we put our bodies through.The production of free radicals is, amongst other things, what breaks down the collagen in your skin. At night,…

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