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Are Antibiotics Necessary for Treating Acne?

I still get frustrated when clients go to their GP with outbreaks and they still insist on treating acne with prescription oral antibiotics as a standard protocol to reduce blemishes. Time and time again they go to their doctor and walk away with a prescription in hopes of a clearer skin. While antibiotics can be extremely effective and there are certainly times when they are necessary and in fact I would refer them to this route. I believe that oral antibiotics can often mask underlying systemic issues only giving short-term relief. When clients come off this medication they usually find they are right back where they started.

We have so many advancements in skin care ingredients now of which i am always researching to find the best, that oral prescriptions aren’t the only option for achieving clearer, blemish-free skin.

Part of the U and your skin facial 3D approach is Nutritional influences for example dairy may be a cause in some people of cystic acne breakouts. I feel all options should be explored before having to resort to taking pills, and I see this thought process in many of the clients that come to me (& our skin lounges) seeking our advice to avoid the prescriptive approach.

If you’re battling with severe acne breakouts, I suggest you consult with:

-a licensed skin therapist to discuss options for topical skin care products and professional treatments such as chemical peels and facials.

-a dermatologist to discuss medical options

-a gynaecologist or endocrinologist to look at possible hormonal issues, for those with adult acne

There are many options available for getting clearer skin and there is no right or wrong answer, it’s important to do research and get all the facts to determine what the best option is for you. My approach was developed remember because of my own Acne battle so its an issue very close to my own heart.

Our Mantra to skin health is ‘Its all about U’ because it absolutely is…

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