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My top 5 skin aggressors

1. ‘The sun causes 90% of the ageing damage to our skin as UVA rays are present 365 days of the year. Protect daily using an environmental shield to guard against UVA/B and pollution.’

2. ‘Sugar is right up there as a big No No for skin health. It contributes to lines,wrinkles and yes there is science behind the fact that sugars in excess can contribute to spotty outbreaks.’

3. ‘Now you don’t need me to tell you that Smoking full stop is bad for your health but why would you want to super charge the ageing process of your skin as well as giving yourself an increased chance of ugly broken capillaries and dull,lifeless skin due to the stunting of the flow of Oxygen and nutrients?’

4. ‘Theres a fine line between moderation and excess and that’s certainly true when it comes to alcohol consumption. A little red wine, for example, is rich in age fighting anti oxidants but drinking excess will increase the youth grabbing free radicals the body produces in response as well as the sugar surge it creates.’

5. ‘Beware of over exfoliating your skin. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of this necessary skincare task but we have all become a little bit obsessed with scrubbing our skin to within an inch of its life. When you remove dead cells you also remove the essential fats your skin needs to remain healthy.’

What are your skin aggressors? If you’re not sure what products, foods or treatments are to blame for your skin problems then book our unique 3D Skin Health Assessment and we will be able to help you identify your own skin aggressors and get you on the path to glowing skin.

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