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Skincare advice in your 30s…

In your 30s? Expert Skincare advice from Louise Thomas-Minns

What’s going on? Life: It could be a time of babies, accelerated stress and hormonal imbalances. These can all wreak havoc on your skin!

Growth hormones start to slow down. This means that the skin won’t repair itself as it did in your 20’s. Breakouts can often occur in the form of cystic acne, those hard, sore underlying outbreaks that linger for weeks. Many women will also develop “pregnancy mask” (skin discoloration known as melasma) during pregnancy. Along with using a natural skin lightener like Vitamin C & CoffeeBerry extract to minimize this condition, a daily SPF of at least 30 should be worn daily to slow further production.
In house peels & light therapy can also help.

Exfoliation, using AHA’s and enzymes, will really help to speed up cell turnover and boost the metabolism of these cells keeping the skin acting young. There is strong evidence that certain vitamins (A, C, E and Zinc) applied topically to the skin can prevent the breakdown of collagen through the reduction of free radicals created by smoking, drinking, exercise, UV sunlight and pollution. Antioxidants in your skin care products and in your foods are a must for anti-aging. Reach for brightly coloured fruits & Vegetables as well drinking lots of Green Tea.

At home I love:

I love Priori AHA perfection skin gel for its cyst busting properties.

Also Revaleskin ILLUMINESSE Brightening Complex works both as a skin lightener (and safe to use while pregnant) to keep the skin even-toned and an exceptional hydrator & skin cell defender.

Professional treatments:

Our 90 minute U & your skin signature facial will work in a bespoke way targeting blockages & open pores with ultrasonic technology plus natural peels & masks to slow pigment & the ageing process.
Tailored sculpting massage techniques complete this results driven process.

Skin Tips for the 30’s:

– Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep reduces stress, one of the big aggravators of acne.

-Too tired to wash your skin before you go to bed? Perform your nighttime skin routine at 6 or 7pm.Earlier is better than never. Getting off makeup, dirt and bacteria at night is a must.

-Stress can cause the skin to produce more oil and breakouts. Find a healthy activity that reduces your stress & practice it daily!

-Age 30 is when the skin starts to show the signs of aging. It’s time to take your skin care seriously. Daily sun protection is a must! I love Vitage Daily Protection SPF 30 plus antioxidants.

-If you want to look young, avoid the sun. A little sun means a little damage, a lot of sun means a lot of damage. The choice is yours. Did you know that 78% of the sun damage that occurs in a lifetime is from driving in your car, sitting in your office near windows and walking to grab your Latte?

– Keep your blood sugar well balanced by lowering all sugars & eating good Protein with every meal or snack.
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