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Skincare Advice In Your 60s

In Your 60′s? Expert Skin Advice From Louise Thomas-Minns

What’s going on:
Your Hormone levels will be returning to normal making the material that attaches the skin to the bone, fascia, deteriorate which can cause the skin to continue to lose tone. Any sensitivity is lessened; so if you’ve previously suffered with redness you may find that it is now less red. The downside is that skin circulation will have slowed down so when you reach your 60s your skin can appear to be sallow & dull.

Intensive moisturising products are really needed to retain the moisture. Exercising regularly will help to boost the circulation in the skin and body to retain that vibrancy. Ease up on treatments like microbrasion & aggressive scrubs as the capillaries will be more fragile due to the decline on Collagen supporting their delicate walls.

At home I Love…

Vitage Age Defence Hydrating Masque. Applied 2-3 times weekly we advise our clients to sleep in this super rich, hydrating product. Green seaweed & a cocktail of antioxidants makes this masque perfect for skin in its 60s.

Adding a pump of Eve Taylor Mature Skin Blended Oil to your moisturiser at night will really give the skin a moisture surge without making it feel tacky & excessively oily.

Professional treatments:

A course of 6 of our U & Your Skin Intensive Facials taken weekly will allow a combination of gentle peels to be used to rejuvenate, hydrate & boost Collagen & our Wake up massage which I developed to tone, tighten & ‘workout’ the skin will restore that glow!

Skin Tips for the 60s:

– Get your Moles checked out as skin cancer can be especially prevalent at this stage of life. Moles that change in color, shape or size must be looked at by a Dermatologist.

-Performing your night time routine is essential because skin’s permeability increases while you sleep, allowing the action ingredients to absorb.

-Healthy skin is what your body gives you when you treat yourself well. Make YOU a priority!

-Always wear sunglasses when outdoors. Unnecessary squinting will accelerate wrinkles around the eyes.

-Always apply eye cream using your ring finger. This is your weakest finger and will allow for the gentlest application.

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