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Skincare Advice In Your 50s

Are you in Your 50′s? Expert Skincare Advice From Louise Thomas-Minns

What’s going on:

The Menopause. There is a sharp decrease in oestrogen which weakens the collagen and elastin fibres, our skins scaffolding, which causes the skin to lose skin tone. Now more than ever, your skin will need Collagen boosting ingredients & oil based moisturisers due to the decline in hydration. Ensure daily amounts of Essential fats, from your diet are being obtained from sources such as Oily Fish, Walnuts, Chia & Flax seeds.

Rosacea, which is a chronic vascular skin disorder that affects about 1 in 10 people, could now be at its worst. A complex condition which has no definitive cause at present, the redness & inflammatory lesions in the skin can be quite noticeable. Reach for ingredients like Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Blue Azulene and White tea, which can help to keep symptoms at bay.

At home I Love…

For Rosacea sufferers we love Elena Rubins Remedy anti redness serum which helps to support capillaries & reduce redness & the high levels of CoffeeBerry extract in Revaleskins intense recovery complex.


Elena Rubin Remedy

Priori AHA skin renewal cream using hydrating Lactic acid, can be used twice a week to give gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Because lines & wrinkles can increase in your 50’s using a potent Retinol based serum will really repair, rejuvenate & soften them. Medik8 Retinol 6TR is a jojoba oil based serum that allows slow delivery of this potent ingredient at night.

Professional treatments:

All U & Your Skin Facials are completely bespoke meaning that everyone can benefit from the unique formula developed to nurture skin back to health. Incorporation of the Omnilux Red light will really help to reduce the inflammation associated with Rosacea & is clinically proven to boost Collagen production so softening lines & Wrinkles. Tailored massage will drain toxins, lift & firm the skin.

Skin Tips for the 50’s:

– Eat Walnuts, Chia/Flax seeds, Mackerel &/or Avocados daily. These contain healthy fats that will maintain your lipid barrier to restore moisture & are also anti inflammatory.

– Leaving your skin damp before applying your serums & moisturisers will help to lock in water. Skin cells need water to thrive.

– Increasing your exfoliation is key at this stage of your skins life cycle. There’s no point in just applying moisturisers onto dry, toasty skin.

– The use of facial masques between facial treatments can really ramp up there benefits. Talk to us about one that we recommend for you if your in your 50’s.

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