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Skincare in your 40s

In Your 40s? Expert Skin Advice From Louise Thomas-Minns

What’s going on:

Often called the peri-menopausal years this is when oestrogen levels start to decline. Oestrogen is stored by the fat cells. As the oestrogen decreases, the skin will start to lose its tone & can become drier. This hormone is also a natural anti-inflammatory so it’s not surprising that skin can become more sensitive.

It can also mean that redness and dilated capillaries start to appear. These telangectasia (dilated capillaries) can be treated in our Norwich skin lounge using a very simplistic yet effect method, ACP. (Click to view our treatment menu)

If your skin health has not been part of your agenda then now is the time to start. Proper skincare in your 40s can help slow down the effects of ageing and it’s never too late to start. Our 3D approach is about combining both topical applications of Vitamins with dietary antioxidants from food, as well as looking at you Holistically creating an ideal environment to maintain youthful skin.

At home I love…

Elena Rubin Biogenisis Serum packed with potent skin protecting anti oxidants & youth giving Peptides, including one from a Nobel prize winner, this ticks the boxes when it comes to Menopausal skin needs.

Priori AHA skin renewal cream used at night 3 x a week under your moisturiser provides gentle exfoliation using Lactic acid plus Collagen inducing abilities too!


Renewal Cream


Professional treatments:

Our Super facial delivers deep exfoliation incorporating Ultrasonic technology to both gently peel, lift, tone, firm & drive actives into the skin. Use of the Omnilux red light to rejuvenate & soften lines, deep tissue massage & skin balancing reflexology complete your one hour 45 minutes on the couch.

Skin Tip for the 40s:

-Don’t neglect your neck. Make sure your moisturiser with sunscreen is applied to the neck and the sides of the neck every day!

– Don’t skimp on your sleep! Aim for at least 8 hours of quality sleep switching off all technology at least 30 minutes before hitting the sack.

– Eat lots of Dark green veg, blueberries, tomatoes & drink Matcha Tea to feed the skin antioxidants from within.

– Keep exercising! Build in some Yoga, Pilates & strength training to improve muscle tone as well as some cardio boosts.

– No going to bed with make up on! There is no getting away with this cardinal sin now especially as your skin maybe more sensitised. Cleanse away those impurities.

– Avoid abrasive scrubs when exfoliating. These can be too aggressive for the skin during this time.

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