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The Blog: April 2015

What’s in my handbag?

I, Louise Thomas-Minns, have a handbag addiction. Yes for many it’s shoes but for me it’s bags. My husband constantly reminds of this at the moment when I have to ask him to haul down the huge basket I store them all in so I can decide which one I want to sport that day…

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Acne cysts, spots & blackheads…What’s the difference?

Following on from last weeks blog I am taking the lead from some of my lovely clients & responding to their feedback by writing this extension to the blog about Acne. This is how to identify the different outbreaks you may experience & how to treat them! ☺️ Acne cysts I always describe these as…

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Five Skin Care Tips to Reduce Acne

  One of the main reasons I developed the U & Your Skin facial over 10 years ago, was because I am an Acne sufferer. The 3D approach we take to treat & heal your skin comes from my own battles & triumphs with Acne, outbreaks & scarring. We treat a lot of these issues…

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Best skincare when you have a cold or flu

  Often the transition of a new season brings with it an influx of coughs, colds & Flus. So how can you take care of your skincare when you’re feeling under the weather? Here are my tips: 1. Using a humidifier in your bedroom at night will giveback the moisture to your skin. If you’ve…

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