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Five Skin Care Tips to Reduce Acne



One of the main reasons I developed the U & Your Skin facial over 10 years ago, was because I am an Acne sufferer. The 3D approach we take to treat & heal your skin comes from my own battles & triumphs with Acne, outbreaks & scarring.
We treat a lot of these issues today in our skin lounges in Norwich & London.
For those who carry the Acne gene there may be no cure but here are my five skin care tips to reduce acne and help to promote healthier, clearer, and even-toned skin.

Skin Tip #1: There is a misconception around using drying cleansers & toners when you have outbreaks. We see this issue all the time with our clients who are seeking help to have a clearer skin. By using products that ‘strip’ the skin of moisture, making them feel tight after use, just exacerbates the issue. This is because harsh Alcohols or drying sulfates break down the protective lipid barrier. It creates a viscous cycle of outbreaks.

Skin Tip #2: These leads me onto my next tip. DO NOT AVOID MOISTURISING YOUR SKIN! Instead opt for non oil formulas that aren’t going to add too much extra oil to the skin. By avoiding moisturisers this again affects the delicate lipid barrier. Your skin will lose water, feeling tight (the cosmetic industry refer to this on correctly as dehydration) so the skin will produce more oil to compensate leading to even more of a breeding ground for the P-Acnes bacteria to thrive! Equals more outbreaks!

Skin Tip #3: I LOVE Salicylic Acid! We use a lot of this ingredient as it is a keratolytic beta hydroxy acid (BHA). This means it acts like a whirlpool working its way into the follicle loosening oil & dead skin cells as it’s goes. It’s an anti inflammatory too so really helps to reduce the redness & pain that some cystic outbreaks can bring. You can find it in cleansers, spot treatments & some moisturisers.
We love Vitage correct & perfect serum.

Skin Tip #4: STOP PICKING! A spotty outbreak usually lasts around 3-7 days & if left alone or treated professionally will leave you without a scar. Pick it & the scarring can last for months or sometimes years! Take it from me! There is a lot that we can do in house to help with those stubborn blemishy scars.

Skin Tip #5: Change your attitude! We get fantastic results for our clients but it’s really tough to partner someone back to skin health if they are not committed body, mind & soul. Stop only looking at your outbreaks & start looking at the other areas that look beautiful. How smooth the area around your eyes is, how lovely the colour of your skin is or how plump your lips are, for example.

Follow these tips to help gain a clearer, blemish-free skin!
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