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What’s in my handbag?

I, Louise Thomas-Minns, have a handbag addiction. Yes for many it’s shoes but for me it’s bags. My husband constantly reminds of this at the moment when I have to ask him to haul down the huge basket I store them all in so I can decide which one I want to sport that day or week.
This is my latest purchase. A slightly more practical number as I near motherhood & the need to be able to carry a multitude of items for our little bundle as well as myself.

I love the brand Zatchels they have such a great story & the fact that every bag is handmade in beautiful leather in an array of vibrant colours. I was treated to one of their original satchels in bright green a few years ago but thought this time to go for a more practical smoky black duffle.
Here is what is in my new bag…

– My tangle teaser. I’m a new convert to this little brush but as I am leaning towards keeping my hair longer these days & have a newly thickened pregnancy mop, it glides through with no problem.

– 4711 cologne wipes. I adore this classic cologne & these little wipes are so lovely if you want to freshen up the fragrance during the day without having to take the whole bottle with you. They are a god send on my trips to our London skin lounge too.

– Water. I always make sure I have a bottle on board to stay well hydrated at any time of the year.

– Blistex lip care. I like the combination of the camphor oil & the SPF 10 protection in this little tube.

– Apple ear phones. I tune into some music on my walk in & out of work from home in Norwich & at the moment am also using the 20 minutes to listen to some affirmations from my Hypnobirthing course.

Vitage Skin Defence SPF 30. Always ready for when a cheeky bit of UVB shows it’s face but this also works really well as a nourishing, anti ageing hand cream too!

– A note book & pen. This is my Gratitude/Success journal that I try to write in at the end of every day. It’s such a great way of changing the way you might be feeling about what you initially thought was ‘just another day’.

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