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What Are the Benefits of Getting a Facial?


I’ve been blessed to have a very diverse career in the beauty & skin health industry and have been practising hands on treatments since 1996. Our unique approach to treating your skin took me over a decade to fully hone and I am always looking for ways to make it an even better experience.
My belief is that a facial shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach which is why our 3D philosophy ensures that your facial changes with you and your skin.

I wanted to share with you what the benefits are of having our U & Your Skin facials. If you want more approval just see some of the wonderful testimonials we have on our website & video feedback on our YouTube channel ☺️

All of our facials include:

Exfoliation – Physical (ultrasonic, manual scrubs) and/or chemical (acids and enzymes) designed to stimulate cell renewal, remove dry skin, break down stubborn pigmentation and fade post-breakout marks. Exfoliation also ensures more efficient delivery of active ingredients into the skin for maximum results.

Our ‘Wake up’ massage – Developed by me to give the skin a work out. Brightening, lifting, toning & supplying vital nutrients & Oxygen to the skin.

Essential oil infused Steam towels – To soften & open pores, warm the tissue & prepare for extractions & deep cleanse methods.

Manual extraction- When it comes to clogged pores and blackheads, there is no more effective way to remove them than with manual removal (gentle squeezing) as skin care products alone will not remove blackheads. We also utilise our Ultrasonic skin spatula on more sensitised skins to clear those blockages.

Mask – Whether it’s to hydrate, soothe, calm, clarify, tighten, lift or control oil flow.

Relaxation – A positive by product of our facials is the ‘me time’ it gives back to you. Comfy, warm beds, gentle music & healthy refreshments all add to the experience.

We love technology! And use Ultrasonic & Light therapy (Red, Blue & near infa Red) in our Signature & Super facials!

Want to learn more about your skin issues and which of our facials to start with? Book your FREE 15 minute power skin health assessment at our skin bar.

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