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How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks


I’m well into my third trimester now and the twice daily ritual of slathering my growing bump, butt & thighs in a heavy duty moisturiser is getting a little challenging. I won’t be defeated! I’m blessed to, so far, not have any stretch marks so the acrobatics involved with sometimes getting the cream on is worth it!

My Mum got stretch marks when she had us three siblings so as it can be genetic I knew I’d have to work a little at keeping them at bay. This is the absolute key! Like most things prevention is far better than cure.

You absolutely must moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, religiously. I’ve even been known to add a little extra oil to my bump whilst at work when it feels tight & itchy a clever signal to ‘feed me more moisture!’. Keeping the skin on the stomach, back, butt & thighs moisturised can be the key to helping prevent stretch marks. It will preserve the lipid barrier making the skin stronger more pliable & lowering your chance of damage as the skin slowly stretches.

So what are my go to ingredients to moisturise the best?

These would be lipid-rich oils like linoleic acid, soybean sterols, jojoba oil, phospholipid, borage oil, kukui nut oil, grapeseed oil, squalane and rose hips seed oil. They help to repair the skin’s protective barrier to help keep the skin strong.

I’ve actually been using an oil at night & an oil rich butter during the day so that clothing doesn’t get covered too.

How should I apply moisturiser to my baby bump?

When applying your products, massage in a circular clockwise motion, which follows your stomach’s natural digestive tract. This also really helps a sluggish digestive system which is all so common during pregnancy.

Why does the skin on my stomach get itchy?

This is called PUPP & is because the skin is being stretched creating lots of tiny breaks in the skin’s lipid barrier.

The key really is consistency. I’ve really enjoyed bonding with my baby bump and giving her a twice daily massage from the outside so be mindful about it and look at it as a moment of special time between Mother and baby.

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