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What’s my skincare routine?


People always ask me if I have facials…Of course I do! Is my answer and although not as often as I would like (I’m blessed to have an already very busy team of Skin Therapists) my home care routine never slips.

I think having suffered with severe Acne for many years, it’s so important to me that I practice what I preach and I believe that one of my secrets to making this happen is that on evenings when I’m just home from work and I’ve no plans, the first things I do is shower/bath and carry out my skin regime. It means that however exhausted I never go to bed sans a clean, serum’d, moisturised face/neck.
It’s so important in a modern world of ‘busyness’ that we take just 2-3 minutes to connect with ourselves and nurture our skin.

So what do I use currently?
Our whole philosophy at U & Your Skin is that your skin changes every day so therefore, your products and skin treatments should too. Well maybe not every day but certainly we guide our clients through this seasonally and sometimes at every 3-4 weekly facial. I’m lucky to have a whole arsenal of amazing products at my fingertips so I do honestly, every day look at my skin and ask myself ‘What do you need today?’

Here are my hero products on my bathroom shelf at the moment & how I use them…

Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse. I use one pump of this as part of my morning shower. It lathers into a rich, nourishing foam & is packed with moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid & anti oxidants. No drying here just clean, hydrated, fresh morning skin.

Next, onto a damp skin, I’m using Elena Rubin Lighten Up Serum as just in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy with the arrival of the sun, I’ve picked up a little bit of pigmentation so I want to benefit from the brightening ingredients, Alpha-Arbutin, kojic acid, bearberry leaf extract, Nonapeptide-1, and various citrus oils.

Then just the size of a grain of rice of the Vitage Age Defence Eye Serum followed by a generous helping of Vitage Age Defence SPF 30. This non greasy sunscreen is actually skincare quality and I can get away with this as my morning moisturiser which at just £25.50 makes it a real bargain!

It’s the Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse again which I use to remove my make up (including eye makeup) & the day. Then I use Elena Rubin Veritas Purifying Cleansing Bar. This goes onto a damp face/neck with a wet sponge so it gives you a nice bit of gentle, physical exfoliation too. It also contains Sulfur a therapeutic mineral that balances oily skin and heals redness, Salicylic Acid an exfoliating beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that removes oil and dead skin & reduces inflammation, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil which cools, reduces surface oil, antiseptic action & smells wonderful plus Tsuga Canadensis Leaf (Hemlock) Oil which decreases bacteria, prevents skin disturbances, promotes clear skin.

Now my canvas is clean I apply, to a damp skin, two pumps of the Priori Cellular Recovery Serum. This is their hero product! It’s fantastic technology! It uses a specific engineered liposome delivery system delivering powerful DNA repair enzymes (ultrasomes, roxisomes and photosomes) and Vitamins C and E to the skin. This combination promotes self-healing to help improve the appearance of ageing and has worked wonders on my blemishy post outbreak scarring.

To finish off a little Revaleskin Eye Serum & the Vitage Age Defence Power Skin Repair to moisturise, repair & rejuvenate over night.

Et voila! There you have my current regime ☺️

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