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How I’m treating my pregnancy pigmentation

I’m 41 weeks pregnant (our little girl is hanging on in there liking her environment) & for the last 3 weeks have been actively treating some mild pigmentation that has decided to appear.
So what & why does this happen & what can you do about it? Read on…

Due to the change in hormones during pregnancy, brown spots or Melasma, can form. This is sometimes also referred to as ‘Pregnancy mask’.
If you have experienced pigmentation in the past, been on the contraceptive pill &/or exposed your skin to a lot if UV exposure you are particularly at risk.

The most important thing to do right from the first time you see that little line on your pregnancy test stick, is to make sure you’re using a good SPF EVERYDAY! This should be at least SPF 30 & use physical UV screening ingredients such as Zinc or Titanium oxide which reflect the rays.
Next start to use a ‘lightening product’. These will contain ingredients such as Vitamin C, Kojic acid, Mulberry extract, CoffeeBerry extract which will all work to switch off those pigment inducing enzymes & brighten the skin.
I’ve been using Elena Rubins ‘Lighten up’ serum morning & night, which we at U & your Skin exclusively stock, followed by lashings of Vitage SPF 30 every day!


For most women the pigmentation will start to disappear after you give birth. It’s still important to keep up your routine & maybe consider a course of chemical peels using AHA’s like Lactic or Glycolic to really clean up any stubborn spots left.
Ultimately don’t dispair there is a lot you can do to improve & keep it at bay.

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