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Four weeks after giving birth


Four weeks after giving birth to Maggie via a C section I feel empowered to share with you my warts n all roller coaster of emotional & physical ‘shocks’!

Before I start let me say I thought I had ‘prepared myself’ for what to expect & I’m so glad I put some effort into research, my nutrition & getting as much sleep & rest as I could while I waited patiently for Maggie to decide to make an appearance 2 weeks later than her supposed due date, that’s a whole other post though & I am thinking of creating a separate blog to share with you my personal journey as I want to give some of the amazing support I have been given.

So thank you friends, family, loved ones & strangers who have proved how beautiful people can be & how strong the beginning of a new life can be for healing old relationship wounds & forming strong new ones ☺️

1) Having an ‘Emergency C section’: Ask me & I’ll tell you I was in control, calm, having sensible conversations with the amazing staff that were helping to get Maggie here safe & well. Me & Ian (my husband) had completed a HynoBirthing course towards the end of our pregnancy & although after the first 24 hours things didn’t go our way, I truly believe that the effort we put into practising relaxation & positive meditation daily helped us get through a turbulent time. I was shocked at how the emotional realisation of what had happened hit me like a train in the week after though. SHOCK! Like I’ve never experienced before.

2) Disconnection with my body: What was this thing under my rib cage? A flabby, now slightly stretch marked piece of lose tissue that was painful yet felt numb. I couldn’t look at my scar let alone touch it! I had to keep getting Ian or the midwives to check it for me as I was so paranoid it was infected or that I was going to ‘come undone’. Four weeks on I feel like I’ve turned a corner the pain is more manageable, my tummy has relaxed thanks to the breastfeeding & my confidence with movement is slowly returning. Let me tell you I didn’t ever think I was going to be able to go out on my own again! No one tells you this.

3) Tears!: Non stop…crying…happiness…joy…pain…confusion…exhaustion…love…went on for about 10 days! Even now don’t swat a mosquito in front of me or else I may tear up! Oh my!

4) Hunger!: My appetite is always good but I was snacking on a beautiful, rich, fruit cake made my a friend at 2am! My body had craved carbs, energy, sustenance & I’ve gone with it. Surrounding yourself with good snacks is helpful but it’s also tricky when you’re feeding non stop to actually get up & prepare yourself some thing. The best gifts in this first month have been friends dropping off amazing three course meals, nourishing cakes (yes there are such a thing), bringing me lunch, making me drinks then leaving me to enjoy & rest.

5) My skin: Apart from one huge outbreak on my cheek (that’ll be my emotional connection) my skin has stayed good thankfully! I’ve been using a little make up in the last week but have been able to not worry about putting any on even when visitors come round & thanks to Ian have managed to keep up my skincare routine which is even more important just to give yourself 5 minute of time to connect with yourself.

Let me know if you enjoyed this/found it helpful & I’ll write some more ☺️
For now if you know a new Mama bring her food & let her rest…

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