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How to stay looking younger for longer


The quest for eternal youth is always a popular subject and rather alarmingly we see an increasing number of young clients that are already obsessed with staying young and are considering reaching for invasive treatments such as Botox and fillers.

These, in our opinion, should be used as a last resort. There is so much that can be done at home and in treatment that really can have a positive effect on keeping you looking younger for longer. The use of skin needling, peels and light therapy all with clinically proven results.

In the meantime I’ve put together my top 10 things you can start doing right now to slow those ageing lines and wrinkles down.

1. Protect yourself from the sun: It attributes to 90% of ageing of the skin prematurely. Always use a minimum SPF30 sunscreen everyday and reapply every two hours when in the sun. Wear a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses. Absolutely NO sunbathing or use of tanning beds! and you should be avoiding the sun between the hours of 12 and 4pm. Using a moisturiser containing anti oxidants such as Vit E & C daily will also help to retard the ageing process.

2. A Healthy well balanced diet: target ageing from within by eating a low Glycaemic Index diet that’s rich in fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish, nuts, seeds and plenty of good fluids (water, vegetable juices, herbal and green teas). Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates as these are proven to accelerate the ageing process causing a process called Glycation.

3. Drink Less alcohol

4. STOP SMOKING! It rapidly increases the ageing process and leads to a dull, sallow complexion aside from the huge health implications.

5. Get more Sleep! Aim for at least 8 hours of good quality sleep every night! Switch off all technology half an hour before bed, pick up a book instead if you really have too and aim to be in bed by 10pm at least 4 times a week.

6. Exercise regularly. A study published recently suggests that moderate to vigorous exercise performed for a minimum of three hours per week can help reverse the signs of ageing. This is best archived in short, high intensity bursts.

7. Reduce repetitive facial expressions. Using the same facial expression over many years leads to the development of permanent wrinkles. For example wearing sunglasses can help prevent the lines caused by squinting and avoid drinking through straws and frowning, put a smile on your face instead.

8. Practice sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your stomach or face planting your pillow as this will create lines and wrinkles on your face & décolletage.

9. Reduce stress. Finding strategies to reduce anxiety and stress will also keep you younger for longer. Adopting past times such as Yoga, meditation, full, deep breathing and positive affirmations.

10. Use an anti-ageing focused skin care regime using advanced cosmeceutical products and have regular facial treatments. Our hero ingredients recommended for an advanced anti-aging skin care programme are: retinol, or other vitamin A derivative, growth factors (peptides), CoffeeBerry extract, an L ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) antioxidant and minimum SPF 3O sunscreen.

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