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How to not look scary this Halloween


Arrrh Halloween, you strange little holiday. I’ve never been a fan myself didn’t really get into the festivities as a child so maybe that’s why I don’t understand all of the hype. Now I have Maggie though I’m guessing in years to come im going to have to embrace it.
In the meantime though I have no desire to dress myself up to look worse than I already do! We spend most of the time trying to conceal dark circles, redness & outbreaks or scars on our skin & then think nothing of dressing up face paint n all like a Zombie…weird.

But hey enough of me dissing this day let me share with you five ways to make sure that the other 364 days of the year you don’t look like part of the Munster family.

#1 Remove all that face paint before bed. This make up will have even more D & C red dyes than the conventional stuff coupled with lots of oils & waxes so don’t be tempted to flop into bed after too much apple bobbing with your face still on.

#2 If you’ve been indulging in extra sweets than normal make up for it by eating lots of greens & lean protein the next day to slow the ageing & hormonal spiking effects.

#3 Use an eye product morning & night to hydrate this delicate area. Dark circles? Look for a product containing Caffeine & light deflectors.

#4 Stay well hydrated to avoid puffiness & check out your Salt intake.

#5 Make a soup with the flesh of that carved Pumpkin. Rich in Beta carotene one of the best Vitamins for repairing skin damage, theses root vegetables shouldn’t be just reserved for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

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