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Wine face, dairy face, sugar face, gluten face

I feel the need to shout this from the rooftops this week as it’s such old news as far as we’re concerned. I’m delighted that it’s been thrust into the media spotlight giving me the opportunity to get my penny worth in.

This is what the Daily Mail posted this week. Asking us which face we were? Wine face, dairy face, sugar face, gluten face


When I developed the U & Your Skin facial it took me over a decade of treating myself and my clients to realise that putting the best, clinically proven products on my skin just wasn’t enough! I had the misfortune (or not as the case may now be as its why I do what I do) of having Acne pretty much on day one of starting my Beauty therapy course so I know first hand the impact that food and lifestyle can have on any skin issues.

That’s why before we get you on to our lovely heated couches, we spend at least 20 minutes working through our 3D skin health assessment which I designed to encompass the science of your skin and body, nutrition (there’s that dietary angle) and you as a whole person, the holistic vantage.

We need to be mindful that the skin isn’t the largest organ of the body for nothing. I call it our window to within as you really can read people’s faces in more ways than one. Yes I can tell if you’re a dairy, gluten, sugar or wine face but I can also tell if you are running on empty, sleep deprived, stressed or holding onto some emotional junk or trauma.

We all know that if we fail to care for ourselves, eat well, sleep well, laugh lots and stay in the low end of being stressed that we look like the lifestyle we lead!

In a (skin loving walnut) nut shell if you have outbreaks, redness, premature ageing, dark circles, fluid retention…you get the idea…then yes reducing all of these things from your diet is only going to help.

Want to learn more about your skin? Then call us to book your free power skin health assessment at our skin bar today!

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