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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… literally… Dark circles from a candle burnt at both ends, Outbreaks from the increase in festive beverages, Dry, sensitised skin from falling into bed after a long day of working, racing to the nativity play & after work drinks still with a full face of make up on.
Fear not! This doesn’t have to be you. Here’s my five tips for looking healthy, fresh & glowing come the big day:

1) Limit the amount of dark alcoholic drinks you have such as Mulled, red wine & Brandy instead opting for white wine, champagne or better still water & soft drinks. Reducing the alcohol & sugar levels will do your skin a huge favour.

2) Start to build on your beauty sleep. On the nights when you’re not out after work head to be an hour earlier to give your skin a chance to repair & heal.

3) DO NOT commit the cardinal sin of going to bed with your make up on! However tired it takes just 3 minutes to cleanse & moisturise & you will be so pleased you did when you wake up without those spotty outbreaks & lack lustre skin.

4) Have a professional facial. It’s ok to have a treatment before special occasions, in fact we encourage it! Why wouldn’t you want to look younger, fresher, brighter & more hydrated?

5) Start taking Milk Thistle. This amazing tincture supports the Liver, an organ closely linked to the skin, so helps when it’s out under the extra stresses & strains of the festive season.
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