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Wrapping up against winter

This weeks blog comes from my Senior Skin Therapist Mary who gives us her low down to keeping skin in top health this Winter…

‘So we all know winter weather can be really grim and depressing but for some reason I love the fact that it means I can layer up with chunky knits, hats, scarf’s and boyfriend jumpers.

Right, so that’s my body sorted now what about my skin?

It is essential to take in your environment when you are treating and caring for your skin. Gone are the sticky humid days of summer and upon us are the freezing, windy and damp days of winter.

These are my top tips to winter protect your skin:

1, Layer Up – Think how you are donning more layers of clothing….Why should your skin be left out? Skin hydration is key to having a healthy happy skin. Try choosing a serum that suits your skin needs and layer this underneath your moisturiser. Think of your serum as the skin care version of thermals!

2, Hands up those who suffer with Watery eyes at this time of year?? Most people will suffer with this problem at some point throughout the wintery months. The area has some of the thinnest skin of the whole body so it is understandable that it becomes extra delicate at this time of year. We all want bright, bag and circle free eyes at this time of year when we are tending to burn the candle at both ends. Make sure that you’re protecting your delicate eye area with an eye serum or moisturiser. Apply this morning and night to cleansed skin and always apply with a patting motion using your ring finger. It is not ok to use your normal face moisturiser around the eyes! The product is too rich or active and will do more harm than good. Also an extra tip for those who do suffer with watery eyes, check out getting your eyelashes tinted. Saves having the panda eye look and also the fear of poking yourself in the eye early in the morning with a mascara wand!

3, Mistletoe ready lips – Wanting to prevent those lips that end up cracking when you smile at someone let alone pucker up ready for mistletoe kisses! A lip protector is the answer to your lip worries, gone are the times of licking your lips to keep them hydrated or smooth. Just remember to opt for a product that is soothing and protecting without dehydrating your lips further, so avoid any chemical based products and go with something with a natural base like shea butter, bees wax or seed oil.

4, Hydrate – So most people say in the summer months that they are quite good at keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water. Roll on into winter and we are all about the limited edition coffee’s and warming cups of tea and mulled wine! Not that I can blame you, I find myself falling into this trap as well. But giving your body a good level of hydration will mean that your skin will function properly and be able to cope better with the cold outdoors and roasty toasty inside. I tend to set myself a little challenge to make sure that I am drinking enough plain water. I will get a big jug or bottle that holds around a litre of water and pop some slices of cucumber in it with the water. It is then my mission for the day to drink at least 2 of these jugs or bottles, Yes I do have to use the lavatory quite frequently but my skin is always glowing, plumper and smoother, also I don’t have half as many headaches at the end of a day. Check out some herbal teas there are some gorgeous ones out there and a fab alternative to ageing coffee.

5, The Professional treatment – There is nothing better that getting to lay down for 60-90 minutes and having your skin pampered whilst also being put through its paces. Having a professional facial is one of the quickest ways that you will be able to see a difference in your winter bullied skin or in preparation for some wintery weather. It also gives you the chance to check over your skin care routine and make sure that you are caring for your skin in the best possible way. By utilising different exfoliation, hydration and massage techniques in a professional treatment you will be leaving with soft, glowing and protected skin.

There you have it some of my top tips to winter protect your skin. Do let me know if this was helpful or if you have any skin questions at all’ Mary x

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