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Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 3


If you’ve never had a facial before then you really don’t know what you are missing out on…no really!

It’s not just for the person who has a skin issue its vital for maintaining & improving the skins health.
We are not at liberty to give diagnosises about skin disease but I certainly over my twenty plus year career have given advice to clients to seek medical advice & they have been successfully treated for skin cancers, bacterial or fungal skin conditions before they have got out of hand.

If you have a great home care regime then this will keep your skin healthy but skin products don’t always continue to give you the results you want so it’s time seek the help of a professional to boost the results.

The circulation and metabolism of the skin slow down with age which leads to the tired and dull looking skin that we all want to avoid.
One of the benefits of a facial is to increase the circulation and oxygen resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Additionally, deep pore cleansing facials are a must for controlling clogged pores and breakouts.
We can also target your skin issues such as Acne, Ageing, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Ingrowing hairs, dryness, sensitivity & more!

We are currently, with the new year & season, offering all existing clients a Revise & Revisit service as our skin changes every day! & if you’ve never been to see us then we are always happy to meet you at our skin bar in Norwich for a complimentary power skin health assessment or via Skype or FaceTime if you can’t get to us!
So there’s no excuse not to get the skin you want.
Call us to book your FREE assessment or your first facial treatment.

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