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A word about Clarisonic cleansers

Clarisonic. The buzz word when it comes to cleansing your skin these days. This skin care tool uses a brush that moves over the skin to deeply cleanse. When I was training to be a therapist we were trained to use brush cleansers as part of a facial which, even 20 years ago, was pretty old school so it interests me that it is now such a ‘new trend!’. The PR will tell you that it “removes six times more makeup than cleansing by hand.” Although back at College we were taught to use it as part of our deep cleanse, exfoliation method since its physical action will slough off dead skin cells.

I see A LOT of clients who are using this to ‘cleanse’ their skin sometimes twice a day! Since this is what is recommended. I have some issues around the use of these brush cleansers.

1) They encourage the use of it too often! Nobody needs exfoliation twice a day! Especially if you are using this as well as an exfoliant its way too much! Stripping away not just the dead cells but delicate fats and over stimulating the skin meaning a nightmare if you have any kind of sensitivity or Rosacea. Remember I was trained to use these brush cleansers and yet any Tom, Dick or Harry can get hold of them. You shouldn’t be using this over inflamed skin, Acne, Rosacea the list goes on!

2) Hygiene. These brushes like sponges will harbour bacteria if not cleaned regularly and properly add to that they will spread infection if you work across any areas of outbreaks.

3) User error. Too much pressure is being used with these brushes. The brush needs to do the work not your hand.

So all in all seek advice from a skin health professional before you invest in one of these gadgets. If you already have one my advice would be to use this as your exfoliation method 1-2 weekly.

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