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Watch & learn on YouTube…

I am not camera shy, I am the person that runs towards a camera smiling and waving not runs away and I’ve dabbled in a bit of YouTube action over the years, so it’s only ever been a matter of prioritising some time that’s stopped me from being the next ‘YouTuber de jour’ 🙂

Skincare and beauty really lends itself to this art and it is an art, anyone tried editing a video? It’s a skill and one that I don’t own but I/we at U & Your Skin have so much to say that we are making a concerted effort to give you all some regular content.

So without further ado take a little peek at our YouTube channel & if you don’t know how it works then subscribe to it so you don’t miss the videos when they go live, like our channel and better still comment and let us know your feedback and ask questions too! Enjoy! From an amateur videographer…

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