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#1 Wash your skin nightly. Not removing make up, daily dirt, oil, grime & pollutants from the skin every night will result in infections & outbreaks. Your skin regenerates at night too so give it a helping hand.

#2 Don’t pick! Picking at your skin will result in scarring & create more spotty outbreaks.

#3 Do a downward dog a day for 3 minutes. This yoga pose helps flood the face & neck with fresh blood so oxygenating the skin & giving you an instant glow.

#4 Wear SPF every day & reapply mineral foundation during the day. To slow ageing & protect from the harmful effects of UV Rays.

#5 Find out your skin type once & for all! Stop wasting time & money on using incorrect products for your skin & get advice from a skin health expert.

Only 12% of people stick to New Years resolutions so be realistic & pick one of the above to start per week. By February you’ll have cracked all Five!

Happy new year!

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