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Skin School with Louise Thomas-Minns – Sunday 6th February 10.30am


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Sunday 6th February 10.30am Skin School with Louise Thomas-Minns

Celebrity skin health therapist, expert and educator Louise Thomas-Minns brings you this interactive virtual workshop to help you become your own skin care expert.

In this 90 minute meet up you will be able to have your own skin health question answered and gain some tips into how you could help at home. Louise will ask you to submit your question before the event and then take you through her consultation live. You will be with a small group of people so it will feel like an exclusive skin health community and will be a positive place for you to be able to share your skin health query with confidence.

Louise will also be giving you some guidance as to how to ascertain what your skin type is and then an introduction into how you can care for the conditions that it may bring.

At the end there will be a little bit of time for any other burning questions to be answered.

We hope you can join Louise for the first of her Skin School series 😊

* Please note that the cost of the workshop is non refundable.

By signing up to this workshop you will have access to Louise for up to 90 minutes & get to ask her your skin health question.

Please send Louise your skin health question no later than 48 hours before the workshop for it to be included by emailing with the subject ‘Skin School Q’

You will be sent a zoom link to the session nearer the time so just make sure you have this app already downloaded & ready to go on your device. Then you can just click the link & you will enter Skin School 😊

All you need is a pen, notepad, your favourite beverage & a desire to learn.