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The Blog: Acne

To Retinol, or not to Retinol, that is the question

Ahhhh Vitamin A how I love you. Our love affair started when you cleaned up my Acne scarring and has started again recently when my post baby outbreaks arrived. Here is my guide on why you should love Vitamin A (Retinol) too but why you need to respect this fabulous molecule too and some exciting news about…

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A word about Clarisonic cleansers

Clarisonic. The buzz word when it comes to cleansing your skin these days. This skin care tool uses a brush that moves over the skin to deeply cleanse. When I was training to be a therapist we were trained to use brush cleansers as part of a facial which, even 20 years ago, was pretty…

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Hot beauty trends

1) MASKS: Masks have made a huge come back this year from multitasking to sheet masks and something that we have been doing in house for years, ‘patch working’ your masks for different concerns. This means using masks suitable for the different skin concerns. A clarifying mask on oily areas, a hydrating for parched areas for…

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An Education in Skincare

Part of my twenty year career was spent teaching NVQ Beauty Therapy at the college where I qualified. I was on a big journey of learning myself as whilst teaching I was also working toward my CertEd Teaching Qualification and A1 Assessors Award allowing me to be an NVQ Assessor. I never thought I would be…

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Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 4

Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 4: AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS IF YOUR SKIN IS PRONE TO BREAKOUTS. Nutrition despite what may have been reported in the past, is essential to how our skin issues are influenced. While specifically eating the odd chocolate bar or bag of crisps won’t have a long term effect regular consumption of…

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How to not look scary this Halloween

Arrrh Halloween, you strange little holiday. I’ve never been a fan myself didn’t really get into the festivities as a child so maybe that’s why I don’t understand all of the hype. Now I have Maggie though I’m guessing in years to come im going to have to embrace it. In the meantime though I…

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How are you causing your skin issue?

In our skin lounges we see a lot of clients who come to us because they have a skin issue they want to heal. Definitely adult Acne & other inflammatory skin issues are on the up due to our hectic modern lifestyles. Long hours, being permanently attached to our devices, poor diets & addictions to…

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Acne cysts, spots & blackheads…What’s the difference?

Following on from last weeks blog I am taking the lead from some of my lovely clients & responding to their feedback by writing this extension to the blog about Acne. This is how to identify the different outbreaks you may experience & how to treat them! ☺️ Acne cysts I always describe these as…

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Five Skin Care Tips to Reduce Acne

  One of the main reasons I developed the U & Your Skin facial over 10 years ago, was because I am an Acne sufferer. The 3D approach we take to treat & heal your skin comes from my own battles & triumphs with Acne, outbreaks & scarring. We treat a lot of these issues…

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