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U & Your Skin Skincare Range!

It’s been a dream of my for some time now to develop my own bespoke skincare range from scratch with a Cosmetic Chemist. I’ve been working behind the scenes for the last six years doing silent research topping up my existing knowledge, visiting expos in Bologne and the UK and I am super excited to now be starting…

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How I’m treating my pregnancy pigmentation

I’m 41 weeks pregnant (our little girl is hanging on in there liking her environment) & for the last 3 weeks have been actively treating some mild pigmentation that has decided to appear. So what & why does this happen & what can you do about it? Read on… WHY?: Due to the change in…

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Skincare Advice In Your 50s

Are you in Your 50′s? Expert Skincare Advice From Louise Thomas-Minns What’s going on: The Menopause. There is a sharp decrease in oestrogen which weakens the collagen and elastin fibres, our skins scaffolding, which causes the skin to lose skin tone. Now more than ever, your skin will need Collagen boosting ingredients & oil based…

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Let the Sun shine!

  ACCORDING TO SKIN CANCER RESEARCH UK, CASES OF SKIN CANCER ARE FIVE TIMES HIGHER TODAY THAN THEY WERE IN THE SEVENTIES. WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING THE PROTECTION MESSAGE? Why is it that we feel so ‘safe’ & ‘secure’ when it’s comes to applying sunscreen in the UK. Lulled into a false sense of…

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What your skin needs in Your 20’s?

What’s going on: The Anatomy… At this age your Skin cells are regenerating fast, giving your skin a flawless, radiant look. The collagen and elastin fibres, the skins scaffolding, in the skin is strong and plump. Your skin may still suffer from occasional acne breakouts, oiliness and clogged pores which are carried over from hormone…

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The trouble with open pores..

One of the things I get asked a lot about is how to shrink open pores. There is a little bit of ‘pore phobia’ going on and I want you to all embrace your pores! Large pores are an indication of how much oil you produced when you were in your teens—the formative years for…

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