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FIVE SKIN HEALTH RESOLUTIONS FOR 2017! #1 Wash your skin nightly. Not removing make up, daily dirt, oil, grime & pollutants from the skin every night will result in infections & outbreaks. Your skin regenerates at night too so give it a helping hand. #2 Don’t pick! Picking at your skin will result in scarring…

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Online Christmas Gift Guide!

What better time to launch our very own online shop than Christmas! We can bring you the benefits of our Clinically proven products and gift vouchers for our bespoke unique facials from the comfort of your sofa. Plus to take the stress out of Christmas shopping we have popped together this rather helpful online Christmas…

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Post holiday skincare

I got back from my family holiday in Majorca last night and was inspired to write a blog about my post holiday skincare routine as the weary, spotty face stared back at me in the bathroom mirror. This was our first family holiday overseas. 14 month old Maggie’s first flight and so gone was the now seen…

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U & Your Skin Skincare Range!

It’s been a dream of my for some time now to develop my own bespoke skincare range from scratch with a Cosmetic Chemist. I’ve been working behind the scenes for the last six years doing silent research topping up my existing knowledge, visiting expos in Bologne and the UK and I am super excited to now be starting…

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Getting Married? Read on

Getting Married? Read on   Six Months Before: Start A Good Cleansing regime “Six months is the perfect amount of time to ensure that your skin is clear, smooth and glowing for the big day,” explains Louise Thomas – Minns , who recommends following a gentle, non-drying cleanser with a hyaluronic rich moisturiser as part…

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The Style and Skin Clinic – did you miss it?!

This past Saturday I teamed up with a talented friend of mine (also a Louise) for our first collaboration of The Style & Skin Clinic. We were packed! The room full of eager ladies wanting to learn about skin health and fashion as part of Norwich Fashion Week 2016. We had a stunning room at the St…

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Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 4

Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 4: AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS IF YOUR SKIN IS PRONE TO BREAKOUTS. Nutrition despite what may have been reported in the past, is essential to how our skin issues are influenced. While specifically eating the odd chocolate bar or bag of crisps won’t have a long term effect regular consumption of…

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Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 3

Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 3: GET REGULAR FACIALS FROM AN EXPERIENCED SKIN THERAPIST If you’ve never had a facial before then you really don’t know what you are missing out on…no really! It’s not just for the person who has a skin issue its vital for maintaining & improving the skins health. We are…

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Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 1

It’s a new year which means a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to make some changes for the better. This is my series to getting the healthiest, best, glowing skin in 2016! Want healthy, glowing skin? Part 1: STEP AWAY FROM THE USE OF SOAP ON YOUR FACE OR ANY CLEANSER THAT LEAVES…

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