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How I’m treating my pregnancy pigmentation

I’m 41 weeks pregnant (our little girl is hanging on in there liking her environment) & for the last 3 weeks have been actively treating some mild pigmentation that has decided to appear. So what & why does this happen & what can you do about it? Read on… WHY?: Due to the change in…

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Going on an Airplane for your Summer holiday? Read this

THIS WEEK LOUISE GETS US IN THE HOLIDAY MOOD WITH SOME TOP TIPS SO IF YOU’RE GOING ON AN AIRPLANE FOR YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY? READ THIS We know that around 90% of the damage to our Skin is caused by the damaging UVA rays that are present 365 days of the year. We mustn’t be lulled…

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My top 5 skin aggressors

1. ‘The sun causes 90% of the ageing damage to our skin as UVA rays are present 365 days of the year. Protect daily using an environmental shield to guard against UVA/B and pollution.’ 2. ‘Sugar is right up there as a big No No for skin health. It contributes to lines,wrinkles and yes there…

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Let the Sun shine!

  ACCORDING TO SKIN CANCER RESEARCH UK, CASES OF SKIN CANCER ARE FIVE TIMES HIGHER TODAY THAN THEY WERE IN THE SEVENTIES. WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING THE PROTECTION MESSAGE? Why is it that we feel so ‘safe’ & ‘secure’ when it’s comes to applying sunscreen in the UK. Lulled into a false sense of…

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What your skin needs in Your 20’s?

What’s going on: The Anatomy… At this age your Skin cells are regenerating fast, giving your skin a flawless, radiant look. The collagen and elastin fibres, the skins scaffolding, in the skin is strong and plump. Your skin may still suffer from occasional acne breakouts, oiliness and clogged pores which are carried over from hormone…

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Oh those lazy days of summer..

Oh those lazy days of summer and that may mean getting lazy about your skin care routine. So here are my helpful shortcuts to achieving an easier skincare routine all summer long. Use your facial scrub as a cleanser. Gentle (emphasis on the gentle) facial scrubs should be used 2-3 times per week but many…

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